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Here's a list of our past tramps and a few photos of each.

[Inland Pack Track][Croesus Track][Lake Daniell][Abel Tasman][Welcome Flat]
[Lake Angelus] 2011 [Heaphy]

Inland Pack Track [See Map]
This was the very first tramp undertaken in late 2009. Ethan, Amy, Timothy, Ryan and Tim headed off to the Paparoa's for a three day tramp through the Inland Pack Track. Up the Punakaiki River and across the saddle to the Pororari, across the river and cross country to Bullock Creek where we camped the night beside the swimming hole below. In the morning that swimming hole had totally disappeared because of the porous limestone geology of the river bed. We had a great camp fire with hot milo and good food. The next day was inland, over a saddle and down to Fossil Creek. From there it was river bed walking with multiple crossings to the Dilemma Creek junction and then down Dilemma to Fox and up Fox to the Ballroom overhang, an amazing limestone overhang. We saw several goats along the way. The final day was down the Fox with lots more crossings and a final wait beside a warm fire for the car.

Amy, Ryan, Timothy and Ethan

The mysterious disappearing swimming hole at Bullock Creek

Ethan and Timothy heading to the tents

Campfire on Bullock Creek

Croesus Track [See Map]
The Croesus track was our first organised group tramp up to the top of the Paparoa ranges staying overnight at the Ces Clark hut and then back down the same way to the carpark above Blackball. It was a great first tramp in fine weather over a reasonable distance and to a height of 1200m. We were joined at the hut by a Swiss couple who went out calling for Kiwis and a more mature aged group out for a ramble. It's a great hut and we had an awesome time playing 500, listening to music, reading and general chit chat. Being the first tramp it was also a good opportunity to refine my thinking about how we organised future tramps in terms of gear, clothing, preparation and to experiment with a couple of sticks as substitute walking poles.

Josh powering up the last stretch

Ethan, Josh and Tim Playing 500

Amy crossing one of two swing bridges

Ces Clark Hut

Lake Daniell [See Map]
This was our second tramp and only a few weeks after the Croesus. Lake Daniell is a short walk of about 7km of reasonably flat terrain and beautiful beech forest finishing at a very picturesque lake with a good 32 bunk hut. Eight of us walked in an enjoyed on arrival a fun afternoon of swimming and finding snagged fishing lures. Jordan collected over a dozen to add to his collection. The walk out was also great because just before the end their is a swimming hole known as the sluice box where the Maruia river passes through a short narrow canyon. We spent a good hour or so leaping off the bridge and drifting down the river before climbing out to repeat the experience. The only thing I would add is that the water even in mid January is freezing cold. Everyone jumped though and had a good swim.

Amy, Timmy, Ethan, Jordan, Ryan, Tim, Caitlan and Regan at the Lake Daniell hut

Enjoying the chill of Lake Daniell

Jordan, Amy, Tim, Regan & Ryan posing

Amy, Caitlan and Ryan all smiles

Abel Tasman [See Map]
Our third tramp this year was a big step up from overnighters to a four day tramp in the Abel Tasman. It was quite an experience. We got up at 5am, left at 5:30am, arrived at Marahau in time for a 10:30am water taxi ride up to Totoranui and then our first walk to Awaroa Hut crossing the inlet at low tide. A promised big storm did not eventuate. The next day we walked to Bark Bay hut through some beautiful forest and magnificent views lunching at Onetahuti on the way. The next day on to Anchorage. We left late to time our crossing at Torrent Bay for low tide again. Great swimming and glow worms at Anchorage. The last day was a 12.4km walk out to Marahau and then into Motueka for McDonalds before heading off home. The Abel Tasman is a magnificent, scenic walk with beautiful views and wonderful golden sand beaches. A must for any to do list.

Looking down over Frenchman's Bay

Ethan, Daniel, Timmy and Violet resting

Ryan crossing at Onetahuti lagoon inlet

Ethan, Tim, Timmy, Daniel, Jeffrey, Ryan, Violet and Amy about to head off in the Water Taxi.

Jeffrey and Ethan relaxing at Bark Bay

Scenic walkway

Amy, Jeffry, Ryan, Ethan, Timmy and Violet building walls of sand

Violet, Ethan and Amy leaving Awaroa

Violet, Daniel, Ethan, Ryan, Timmy, Jeffrey and Amy about to cross Awaroa Estuary

Daniel relaxing at Bark Bay

Welcome Flat [See Map]
This was our fourth tramp this year and we had perfect weather for it. No rain for several weeks meant the rivers were low and safe and the track dry but a little frosty in places. Sixteen of us heading up the Copland track for what became a 7 hour 17.4km endurance walk for some, but everyone made it and enjoyed a relaxing soak in the amazing hot pools at the end, surrounded by majestic snow clad mountains. Truly a magic setting. Tea, a few games of cards and off to bed for an early start the next day as we made our way back down the track to the carpark. 2.5 hours of driving later we stopped off in Hokitika for Fish'n'chips where some of us realised how old we were when we got out of the car and staggered the short distance to the takeaways. Overall a fantastic achievement. Well done everyone!

Looking back down the Copland River.

The group just before setting off from the start of the Copland Track.

Josh, Jordan and Ried fooling around with ice.
It was cold!

Bridie, Jess and Timmy in the Welcome Flat Hut.

The group at the lunch stop.

Welcome Flat hut. A very welcome sight. Warm and toasty inside.

Timmy crossing Shiel Creek bridge.

The mountain backdrop to the hot pools and hut.

The hot pools.

Timmy using a chain up a steeper section of track.

Lake Angelus [See Map]
This was our last trip for the 2010 year and what a trip it was. Three days doing the Lake Angelus loop. The weather had been very bad for a month before the trip but a week before we left we had a break of 6 days of fine weather which melted a lot of the snow (but not all) and made the trip possible. Day one was up Mt Robert and along the ridge to Lake Angelus hut. Climbing 700m up Mt Robert was tough but along the ridge, crossing scree slopes, snow fields, and rocky ridges was even more exciting. We capped the day off with a slide down to the new Lake Angelus hut with double glazed windows and a toastie fire. 20min after we arrived the weather arrived with brief whiteout conditions. Water for drinking and cooking had to be got through a hole in the ice. The next day saw a small dusting of powder snow as we headed off down cascade stream. This was an exhilerating descent requiring ice axes and crampons and finished with another slide at the end. Then followed a trek down the bush valley with snow up to our waists in places. The valley had obviously been hit by a storm because there were trees and branches down everywhere and it made the going tough at times. Once out of the valley we followed the Travers river down to lake Rotoiti and crossed the river with linked arms to spend the night at Lakehead hut. A great night of cards and good company. The next day we crossed back over the river which had risen with rain another 200mm and walked out to the car complete with rain most of the way and snow for the last half hour. It was an amazing trip with a bit of everything. One to remember for a lifetime! Click here for more photos.

Ethan, Elizabeth, Fran, Tim, Tim, Daniel and Brad at the Mt Robert carpark at the tramp start.

Timmy posing on top of Mt Robert with Lake Rotoiti in the background. 1400m up.

An amazing shot of the happy face on the mountain side.

Crossing one of the many snow fields.

River crossing day three.

Lakehead hut relaxing.

The Heaphy is NZ's longest great walk at 78km and we did it over five glorious days of fine weather just after Easter 2011. We walked in from Karamea to the Heaphy Hut and slept in the shelter. The next day was a short jaunt to Lewis hut with only Tim being bold enough to brave the freezing cold river for a swim. Sadly Claudia and Brad had to walk back out due to illness while Stu, Corey and Tim went on. The next day took us past Mackay hut to Saxon hut up on the Gouland Downs and personally this is the best part of the trip. Beautiful wide open spaces, golden tussock and frosty mornings. From Saxon we made our way to Perry Saddle hut enjoying the caves at Gouland Hut along the way and a quick climb to Perry peak for some amazing views This was the longest day at 24.3km. The last day saw us walking out to Browns hut carpark just as the car was dropped off. Perfect timing! Lunch in Takaka and a long drive home. A great trip and one more great walk off the list.

Corey, Tim, Brad, Claudia and Stu at the start of the Heaphy Track on the West Coast.

Stu, Corey and Tim posing on some rocks on the first day of the tramp.

Claudia, Brad, Corey and Stu enjoying our dinner at Heaphy shelter.

Ahh the beautiful sunrise streaming through the bush on the climb to James Mackay Hut.

Gouland Downs at Saxon Hut. A frosty but stunning morning.

One of those giant Powelliphanta snails that grow up to 10cm across.

Stu crouching inside one of the limestone caves near Gouland Down's Hut.

Tim, Corey and Stu on top of Mount Perry 1238m high.,

Corey, Stu and Tim about to leave Perry hut for the last part of the trip.


Inland Pack Track Map

Croesus Track

Abel Tasman

Lake Daniell