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On this page you will find our everything you need to know about both the current tramp and information as it comes to hand about future tramps. The tramps are open to all current youth group members in the first instance and then others beyond that. To register for a tramp, open its' 'Briefing Document', print it out, fill it in, get your parent to sign it (if under 18), and get it to Tim. If the tramp is already at capacity you'll go on a waiting list and will be notified if more places become available or if someone drops out.

List of Current and Future Tramps

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Lake Waikaremoana Tramp
[Intentions Form]

Lake Waikaremoana tramp is a moderate 46km 4-5 day walk skirting the shores of Lake waikaremoana. Wonderful views from Panekire Bluff, spectacular waterfalls, great lake swimming, awesome bush and more. Apart from the first day where we ascend to Panekire Bluff the tramp is a fairly moderate and relaxed walk. It's rated as one of New Zealand's Great Walks, one of only three in the North Island. Click here for more info and some amazing pictures of the track.

To register your interest email Tim at

Book early. This is a popular track and places disappear fast. Click here to book. Bring your print out/invoice with you while tramping. It is your ticket and must be shown to rangers.

Book the following huts on the dates noted.
Tues 21st March 2017 - Panekire Hut
Wed 22nd March 2017 - Waiopaoa Hut
Thurs 23rd March 2017 - Marauiti Hut

Dates: Sunday 19th March - Saturday 25th March 2017

Tramp Leader: Tim Mora 768 9605, 027 204 8560,

Numbers: Only limited by the number of hut spaces. BKD = Booked the huts.
No. Name Designation
1 Tim Mora      BKD Tramp Leader
2 Graham Connor BKD Tramper
3 Olivia                 BKD Tramper
4 Janie                  BKD Tramper
5 Julie Chamberlain BKD Tramper
6 Anne-Marie Douglas ?? Tramper
No. Name Designation
7 Steve Douglas Tramper
8 Stewart Nimmo ?? Tramper
9 Tramper
10 Tramper
11 Tramper
12 Tramper
Day 1 Sun 19th March (400km/5hrs)
1:30pm - After church and lunch. Meet at Mora's ready to drive.
2:00pm - Drive 400km to Picton. Stay night at Picton Top
              10 Camping ground.
8:00pm - Arrive Picton. Sign in at Camping ground. Go have
               evening meal.(To book a cabin click here. However I
               have booked a four bunk cabin for myself which I am
               willing to share with the first three people. $40 for one
               other.  $35pp if 3 or 4 of us. Contact me to confirm.)

Day 2 Mon 20th March (500km/7.5hrs)
7:00am - Get up have breakfast etc.
8:00am - Drive to Ferry Terminal
9:05am - Ferry to Wellington. Lunch on board.
1:00pm - Drive 315km (4.5hrs) to Napier. Dinner in Napier.
             - Pick up Julie Chamberlain
6:30pm - Drive 170km (2.5hrs) to Big Bush Holiday Park.
9:00pm - Arrive and check in to Big Bush Holiday Park.
                (NB. I have booked a a 4 bed backpacker room at                        the camping ground. $35pp if you want to share.)

Day 3 Tues 21st March (8.8km/5hrs)
8:00am - Get up have breakfast etc.
9:00am - Dropped off at Onepoto ($10).
9:15am - Start walking to Panekire Hut
12noon - Have lunch.
3:00pm - Arrive Hut and have lunch. Have your ticket with you.

Day 4 Wed 22nd March (7.6km/3hrs)
8:00am - Get up have breakfast etc.
8:30am - Start Walking.
12:30pm - Arrive Waiopaoa Hut.

Day 5 Thurs 23rd March (12km/5hrs)
8:00am - Get up have breakfast etc.
9:00am - Start Walking.
10:00am - Side trip to Korokoro Falls
12noon - Have lunch.
2:00pm - Arrive Marauiti Hut.

Day 6 Friday 24th March (11.5km/4hrs)
8:00am - Get up have breakfast etc.
9:00am - Start Walking.
12noon - Have lunch.
1:30pm - Arrive at Whanganui Hut.
2:00pm - Pick up by Water Taxi ($40), return to Onepoto
               and Big Bush Holiday Park.
3:00pm - Drive to Napier stay night. 167km
6:00pm - Stay Night at Kennedy Park Resort Napier.
               (NB. I have booked a 7 bed cabin at the Camp
                ground. $35pp for 2 or 3, $30 for 4 or more,
                if you want to share.

Day 7 Sat 25th March (326km/4hrs)
8:00am - Get up have breakfast etc.
9:00am - Drive to Wellington Ferry terminal.
12noon - Have lunch along the way.
1:45pm - Be at Ferry Terminal
2:45pm - Ferry departs.
6:00pm - Ferry arrives Picton. Drive home.
10:00pm - Arrive Greymouth.

Costs & Things to Action!
- $96/person in total for the three Waikaremoana Huts ($32 each). Free for those under 18. Book your tickets online here.
Book the following huts on the dates noted.
Tues 21st March 2017 - Panekire Hut
Wed 22nd March 2017 - Waiopaoa Hut
Thurs 23rd March 2017 - Marauiti Hut
- $160/person petrol return for 2 people in a car, $110pp for 3 people, $55pp for 6 people. Based on 1800km return at 18c/km. This is only an estimation. We will work it out accurately based on actual fills.
- $40/person Picton Top 10 camping ground Std cabin 19th March for 2 people. $35/person for 3 or more. Contact me to share or click here to book your own cabin.
- $35/person Big Bush Holiday Park 20th March for first 4 people. Contact me to share or click here to book your own cabin.
- $50 for drop off at Onepoto and water taxi pick up from Whanganui Hut.
- $35/person Kennedy Park Resort for std cabin 24th March for 2-3people. $30 for 3 or more. Contact me to share or click here to book your own cabin.
$110/person for Ferry, Picton to Wellington return. Book the 9:05am Ferry on Mon 20th March and the 2:45pm ferry Sat 25th March. Click here to book.
A share of $240 return ferry vehicle costs to travel with me to the track start. $120/2, $80/3, etc.

Total $650/person for two people ($550 for 3 people, $450 for 6 people) sharing accommodation and car (plus food costs on tramp and any meals on the way down and back which would come to around another $200.)

- For actual tramping take food for 5 lunches, 4 breakfasts and 4 evening meals as well as normal snacks etc.
- Have allowed an extra day of food for emergencies. Click here for suggestions around food and menus
- Re-pack food into plastic bags to reduce waste, keep instructions.
- You need to bring a gas cooker and gas. Click here for full printable gear list.
- You Must Take Sandlfy repellent!

Click here for the Weather.

Intentions Form for Lake Waikaremoana Tramp.

Accommodation and Vehicle Spaces
No. Tim's Car Tim's Picton Cabin Tim's Big Bush Cabin Tim's Napier Cabin
1 Tim Tim Tim Tim
2 Graham Graham Graham Graham
3 Julie Stewart? Stewart? Stewart?
4 Stewart? Steve? Steve? Steve?
5 Steve? NA NA Julie
6 ?? NA NA ??
7 NA NA NA ??

2017 and Beyond

Possible future tramps include
- Avalanche Peak, day trip or overnight with possible alpine skills taught including building a quinzee or snow cave and staying in it overnight.
- St James Walkway, 4 days
- Lake Christabel, 3 days (Easter?)
- Wanganui Hotpools, daytrip or overnight (January?)
- Mt Arthur (Easter?)
- Cass Lagoon Saddle, 2-3 days (Oct)
- Deception, Goat Pass, Mingha trip