The Shed Facility

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One of the main reasons for the success of the Greymouth Churches Community Youth Project, besides its' team of dedicated leaders, is our amazing youth activities centre known as "The Shed."

When Tim and Nicky first arrived in Greymouth the property they were living at also included an old furniture factory used for kitchen installations. They could see immediately the potential for the facility as a youth centre and after some discussion the church agreed to take out a mortgage and purchase the property just over a year later.

Tim immediately applied his practical handyman skills and with a lot of help and generous grants and donations of finances and resources, gradually converted the old factory over the next ten years into the amazing youth centre it is today.

Today "The Shed" is a fully lined and insulated building with loads of spaces created by couches and chairs where youth can mix and mingle safely and visibly in small groups. Besides this there are a number of large rooms with a wide range of possible activities. There is the lounge area complete with a computer network, gaming consoles and the ability to project big screen movies. In the main room warmed by a log fire, we have table tennis, a pool table, table soccer and air hockey. There is also a mini basketball court and a gymn with a wide variety of exercise equipment. We also have an art room where you can express your creative talents, a fully outfitted kitchen, a music area with a few instruments, a canteen and a small library area with another TV and some of the more interactive console games like Buzz, Singstar and Guitar Hero. Outside there is a BBQ, sunken fire pit, carpark and a playing field for sports. It really is quite an amazing facility.

Below are some before and after photos. Just run your mouse over the image to see how it looks today!

[Gymn][Kitchen][Main Room][Lounge][Art Room][Outside]


This is the gymn area. A place to work out or just show off your skills.


The Kitchen area. Where the yummy food comes from and down the other end a place to show off your
musical talent and skills at Guitar Hero or Sing Star.

Main Room

Loads of activities and things to do here. Warmer too! And where we gather for notices and events like
Shed Idol, the Opp Shop Ball and so on.


A gamers paradise with consoles galore, a computer network and couch space for movie nights or just simply hanging out.

Art Room

For the artistically minded here's the place to express yourself or simply leave your mark on the wall somewhere.


Room to move with a large playing field and grounds and space as well to just hang out on the deck or around the fire pit.

A List of All Those Who Have Helped in Some Way
Of course a project as large as "The Shed" cannot be done without the help of many others including businesses, funders, groups and individuals. Here's an attempt , and I apologise in advance if I have forgotten anybody, to acknowledge the huge number of those who have had input into the development of "The Shed."  Those who have helped with funding include Paul Newman Foundation, Pub Charity, Lion Foundation, Perry Foundation, NZCT, West Coast Community Trust, Green Gables, COGS, Lottery, Tindall Foundation, Anglican Care, Laugessen Trust, Kettle Trust, Blackadder Trust, Snowden Trust, Sargood Foundation, Rotary, Lions, Grey Valley Lions, Grey District Council, Riverside Lions, West Coast Rehabilitation Society, YouthTown, Development West Coast, Corrections, Church opp shops and more. Businesses who have helped include IPL, M10, Westland Funeral Services, BP, Electronet, Trustpower, Stantons Plumbing, Coastal Constructors, Kea Tours, Anisy Funeral Home, Blanchfields and Stewart Nimmo Photography. Groups who have contributed include numerous YWAM teams and many of the local churches. And lastly the list of individuals is huge; Jo and Dayaram Ganda, Jack Williams, Brent Woolhouse, Pete Anderson, Brian Czepanski, Peter White, Vince Mora, Tony and Margaret Woollett, Dave Stewart, Gary Cambus, Kevin Brown, Ray Frew, Tony Kokshoorn, Gordon Wilkins, Rhys Phillips, Fiona and Murray Wilkins, Mark Chapman, Steve Fox, Jim the plumber and others whose names escape me at the present. Also many of the young people like Fred Heine, Steve Martin, Jonny Rodgers, Alistar Trounson, Alistar Hampton, James Nimmo, Mikhael Schumacher and I am sure many others. If you haven't been listed then it's because my memory is bad, please forgive me! However I would love to list everyone who has helped so just get in touch and jog my memory.

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