Friday Night @ The Shed

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Attend High School and doing nothing on a Friday night! Then why not head down to "The Shed," 186 Main South Rd. From 7pm until 9:30pm during term time "The Shed" is the place to be with loads of awesome activities and equipment to enjoy.

Every Friday there is either a planned event or a hang out night where you just get to enjoy the space and be with friends.

"The Shed" really is an amazing facility. It has an art room, gymn, kitchen, computer LAN, X-Boxes, PS2s, sports field, a Wii, pool table, table soccer, table hockey, electric guitar, electronic drums, board games, chess, and so much more.

We also have very clear guidelines about behaviour and will stand people down if required. Our team of leaders are an amazing, dedicated bunch who supervise and act as adult mentors for the young people. Every leader applies in writing with references and is police checked before being accepted. We also have clear safety protocols, RAMS for our activities and put our leaders through first aid training. We also get the young people to fill in forms detailing emergency contacts, medical issues and so on.

What does it cost I hear you ask? Most of the time just $1. Although from time to time that increases for some activities. The $1 helps cover power, supper and supports "The Shed's" sponsored child through World Vision.