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The cool thing about the project is that we do a lot of stuff. There is the regular Friday night programme which meets every Friday night during term time and includes special events like the Opp Shop Ball and Shed Idol. And then outside of Friday we have a tramping group which heads away at least five times a year. We also take youth away to two main camps a year and we're involved in a number of community projects where young people get the chance to contribute to the life of the community.

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Friday Night Special Events
Shed Idol- Every year we host Shed Idol where young people have the chance to showcase their talent. We've had everything from the usual singing and dancing to juggling, unicycle tricks, hoola hoop acrobatics, card tricks and skits. You name it and we've had it. It's a fantastic night of fun and entertainment.
Opp Shop Ball & Wearable Arts - Another couple of enjoyable nights are the Opp Shop Ball where the youth just come as they are or pick up old evening wear form the local Opp Shops. Wearable Arts gives young people the chance to shine in the putting together of wacky costumes using whatever materials come to hand. Both are great nights.
Pool Nights and the Civic Centre - A couple of times a year we try and get away from "The Shed" and we hire out the Aqua Centre or the Civic Centre. Both nights are fantastic fun with the big inflatable obstacle course in the pool testing people's ability to stay on to the end as well the usual swimming and hydrosliding. At the Civic Centre we play a lot Dodge Ball, Spider Soccer, Basketball and other mad activities.
Movie Nights, Water Fights & Top Team - Inside, outside activities are popular at "The Shed." On some Friday nights we'll either hang out inside or show a movie we've rented for the night. Alternatively we might have a water fight or run Top Team games on the field where teams compete against each other through a range of challenging tasks and obstacles. Always a fun night.
Mid-Winter Christmas Dinner - Do we have to wait just once a year to celebrate Christmas? Not at "The Shed" we don't which is why once a year, usually around mid year but not always, we host a Mid-Winter Christmas Dinner complete with decorations, roast meat, veges, desserts, party hats and entertainment. It's a great night with lot's of yummy food.
80's and Quiz Nights - One event we held and will do again was a Quiz night with five teams competing against each other through a range of questions. Competition was fierce to win the title of most well informed/intelligent table. We also hosted an 80's night where we danced to 80's music and dressed 80's style. A little scary to think that's how we used to look!
Gaming LAN - Young people, guys in particular, love computers and in 2009 we had the chance to run a massive 24 machine LAN out of "The Shed." It was guy heaven because we started with a man sized breakfast of bacon, sausages, hash browns, eggs and spaghetti, gamed for a few hours, BBQed for lunch, gamed again, experimented with Mentos and Coke Rockets and finished up with some more gaming. What a day!

Easter Camp - Camps are always special and fun purely because you're heading away from home. Easter Camp however is in a class of it's own with 5000 other young people and leaders in attendance. There is always heaps to do and loads to eat. We always take a large team every year and the road trip over and back is almost as much fun as the camp itself. It's usually quieter on the way home though.
Spring Camp - This is the second camp we often take young people away to. Usually around 150 young people in the Nelson area. A smaller more intimate camp. Again with loads of activities and encouraging speakers who present challenging messages about life choices. This camp always has great food and music which is a real attraction.

Community and Other Activities
Waitangi Day Picnic - Every year now  for quite a while the young people from "The Shed" have headed for Dixon Park on Waitangi Day to assist with face painting and supervising the Bouncy Castle. This is just one way in which we seek to give a little back to our community. It's also a lot of fun!
40hr Famine - World Vision has been running the 40 hour famine for 30+ years and here in Greymouth in a combined effort "The Shed" and Grey High work hard every year through a variety of fundraising ventures to make a difference. In fact the level of funds now raised is such that the school has been awarded a student scholarship for all their efforts. Well done team!
Paintball & Tramping - Not just for the boys but they do tend to dominate these outdoor activities. Paintball we do once a term down at Hokitika and have a great time. Tramping is something we started in 2009 and aim to have about five tramps a year. It's proving to be very popular and everyone enjoys both the experience and the sense of achievement at the end.
End of Year Ball - A bit of a tradition now as we have run one every year for the last ten years. It's the finale for the year and Nicky goes to a lot of trouble to decorate the hall according to the chosen theme. It really is stunning. The girls dress up and look amazing and the guys, well, they try. It;s always a great night and fitting finish to the year.